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The Castro Theatre
  • 429 Castro St.
  • San Francisco, CA 94114
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RE: Support for the Castro Theatre Renovation Plans

4th October 2023
  • The Office of Commission Affairs
  • Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission
  • San Francisco Planning Department
  • City & County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Land Use and Transportation Committee

RE: Support for Another Planet Entertainment & the Castro Theatre


I am submitting this letter to support Another Planet Entertainment’s vision and proposal to revitalize the Castro Theatre to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future.

Another Planet Entertainment is deeply committed to its role as affirming and engaging stewards of the Castro Theatre while recognizing the importance of being good neighbors and uplifting those in the film, music, comedy, LGBTQ+, and surrounding communities. However, for Another Planet and the Castro Theatre to continue acting in this capacity and honoring the communities it serves, critical infrastructure improvements are needed to create a flexible and inviting space that provides appropriate settings for various types of events.

I commend Castro Theatre’s commitment to hosting events that highlight LGBTQ+ performers, promote local businesses to event-goers, and dedicate at least a third of their programming to showing movies and hosting film festivals. These community benefits will not only empower and provide an influential platform for the performing arts, but also create a viable source of revenue to help keep this iconic theatre’s doors open. Another Planet’s commitments and the success of the Castro Theatre will undoubtedly leave a positive lasting impact on the Castro in a tangible, meaningful, and thoughtful manner

I firmly believe that Another Planet’s plans to reinvigorate the theatre by upgrading and fixing aspects of the theatre that are underutilized or in disrepair are essential to the future success of this historic theatre. For these reasons and more, I urge your support for the Castro Theatre renovation plans proposed by APE.