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5th February 2023
  • Supervisor Rafael Mandelman’s Office
  • San Francisco Planning Commission
  • San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission

RE: Support for the Castro Theatre Renovation Plans

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing in support of the renovation plans and intended use of the Castro Theatre to modernize this historic venue and ensure that it survives and thrives for another 100 years and more.

The proposed renovation plans are critical to preserving the Castro Theatre for generations to come. Upgrades and repairs to the historic marquee and blade, interior preservation of beloved murals and the historic proscenium, full restoration of the magnificent ceiling, upgrades to seating, ADA accessibility to create a more inclusive space for the community, backstage dressing rooms, heating and ventilation systems that will provide improved air quality, state-of-the-art sound, lighting, production and concession areas will help to modernize the functionality of the space.

It’s critical for a venue to be a flexible space in order to survive in our current market. This includes being able to present and accommodate a variety of events from community functions, film festivals and screenings, organ recitals, comedy, music, LGBTQ+ events and more. 

Venues are anchor tenants and economic drivers to neighborhoods. A recent study by Chicago Loop Alliance found that for every $1 spent at a venue $12 is generated in the local economy at neighboring restaurants, bars, lodging, transportation and retail shops. This economic activity will be so important for the Castro District.

Additionally, Another Planet Entertainment is a trusted local independent small business with a long history of preserving and restoring historic venues such as the Fox Theatre in Downtown Oakland. APE is the right team for this job and I’ve already seen the care and effort they’ve put into this project.

As the letter from the Nasser Family, owners of the Theatre, mentions, “We fully support the proposed changes by APE that allow the Theatre to have versatile programming and upgraded seat configurations which will hopefully stave off the fate of so many other theaters of this era that have closed, been developed into other occupancies or converted to retail shops.”

For these reasons, I urge your support for the Castro Theatre renovation plans as proposed by APE. 


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