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Frequently Asked Questions

Another Planet / Castro Theatre FAQs

  • Who owns the Castro Theatre?

    The Castro Theatre was built in 1922 by the Nasser Family of San Francisco who still own the building. In January of 2022, the Nasser Family entered into an exclusive agreement with local Bay Area small business Another Planet Entertainment to restore, renovate and program the historic venue, with an eye towards its significant role in the life of the Castro, film and LGBTQ communities.

  • Who is the landlord for the two businesses adjacent to the theatre entrance?

    The Castro Theatre owners, Bay Properties, own the property, and are the landlords for a coffee shop and nail salon immediately adjacent to the theatre entrance. Another Planet Entertainment is in no way involved with those businesses.

  • Will the organ be preserved at the Castro Theatre?

    The Castro Theatre wouldn’t be the Castro Theatre without an organ rising out of the pit. The organ will stay and continue to play “San Francisco” before community events and film screenings.

  • Will the Castro continue to show movies?

    Yes, especially those events so important to the community like the Frameline LGBTQ film festival, the Jewish Film Festival, the Asian American Film Festival, Silent Film Festival, SF International Film Festival and other special screenings, including Sing-A-Longs that have become such an important part of the Castro and LGBTQ community. Additional film screenings will be announced in the coming months based on community input and availability.

  • Will Another Planet Entertainment reach out, respect and partner with the LGBTQ community’s long connection to the Castro?

    There would be no Castro Theatre without the LGBTQ community. That history and legacy is inextricably linked and we will preserve and enhance the sort of programming the gay community has come to expect. We continue, daily, to speak to our LGBTQ, neighbors and allies to get input and ideas.

  • Will the Castro seats be replaced?

    The auditorium floor plan will be changed to accommodate wheelchairs and other enhanced access for those with limited mobility. The mezzanine seating will remain permanent, fixed seating, while the ground level seating will be adapted to flexible, removable seating that both accommodates film events, concerts and standing, special events.

  • How long will the Castro be closed for renovation and upgrades?

    We don’t have the exact timeline, but will update this page once that information is confirmed. At the moment, we’re working with the San Francisco Planning Department on getting the appropriate permits and entitlements, so our timeline is based entirely on their timeline. Having said that, our hope is to close the theatre for major renovations sometime this winter and reopen six to eight months later.

  • What about the “Home for the Holidays” Christmas Eve Concert with the SF Gay Men’s Chorus and Donna Sachet.

    We have shifted our schedule specifically to accommodate this very important community event & look forward to hosting the SF Gay Men’s Chorus with Donna Sachet.

  • Will Lesbians that Tech take place in October?

    Lesbians in Tech is taking place in October 2022. It is one of the only events specifically for the lesbian community and we’re committed to help them move forward.

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